#ArtMyJozi is a place-making through art initiative implemented along the transit-orientated development corridors in Johannesburg. Since July 2017 #ArtMyJozi has developed a four-stage creative journey along the corridors, consisting of creative exchange workshops, creative events in public, production and design workshops and an exhibition held on October 2017 at the Bus Factory, and home to the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA). The campaign has been supported by an active social media integration strategy, which serves as both a documenting process and a creative device in the production of community authorship and creative content.

#ArtMyJozi is supported by a creative crew consisting of visual artists, photographers, poets and videographers who are all responsible for contributing to content creation, which goes hand-in-hand with our unique social media archive, which galvanizes the unique and diverse neighborhoods we work in.

The JDA, as lead implementing agent of the City Of Johannesburg appointed The Trinity Session in 2017 as curator/coordinator for all creative place-making processes along The Development Corridors. The various ongoing #ArtMyJozi campaigns are geared towards collective community orientated artistic projects – employing collective participatory design processes that seek to enrich the energetic streets of Johannesburg, with a contemporary approach to place-making in the city and its neighbourhoods along the Corridors.

More info: see the below PDF, Face Book, Twitter and Instagram.