In Noordgesig the artworks programme was heavily guided by a powerful collective memory of social history and local heroes such as Sister Glover, Jake Tuli and so on. These narratives have been central to the method by which the artworks have been conceived and curated into a township, mindful of the fact that these new interventions in the neighbourhood will assert the presence of a community historically left off the maps of Soweto. 

Skills development and economic opportunity are urgent concerns within the community, hence the programme has sought to pair skilled makers with local residents, typically not exposed to creative programmes of this nature. To this extent the workshop attendants in Noordgesig represent the community at large, and the ArtMyJozi programme is actively identifying small business opportunities and training logics into the artworks programme. Legacy programmes emerging from the artworks programme and developed in relation to the future socio – economic impact of the upgrade area are essential for future socio-cultural programme within Noordgesig, as well as capacitating local residents to cross-pollinate their knowledge, experience and skills at other places along the Development Corridors.

Overview of Artworks Implemented in Noordgesig

Map of all artworks implemented in Noordgesig