We re-engaged the local artistic crew in a meeting which presented the new creative workshop program. This program is aimed at extracting designs for additional totems and surface painting designs for the upgrade area. The artists have had a busy two days – and are well on the way to producing impactful design inspired by their experiences of the linear park and the surrounds.


A snap shot of some of the designs submitted  – combining themes and visual threads that interconnect identity, place and culture. The Rotunda artists have generated a plethora of artworks for graphic translation. We will keep you updated as these works are graphically translated and then carved into unique totem families for installation in the Rotunda linear park.


Day 1: “Dream it” kick started the Flying House workshops in Rotunda, Turffontein. The local artistic crew worked on identifying their strengths, weaknesses, resources and skills available to them, both personally and in their environment.

Following the Flying House Day 1: “Dream it” in Rotunda, Turffontein. The local artistic worked hard at unpacking, mapping and conceptualising their business ideas, which are centred on exploring their artistic, creative and team strengthens. These ideas were then shared with us during Day 3 ‘’Pitch It!’’ – it was an inspiring afternoon for the team as we got to engage with the artists group in a different way, understanding how their experience as creatives and local community members shape the way that they think about their futures.

#ArtMyJozi in collaboration with Flying House are engaging the artist-participants in a skill transfer process to enable sustainability of their own artistic entrepreneurship going forward.

Flying House is an organisation dedicated to securing better opportunities for emerging independent creative and social entrepreneurs. Flying House has developed a 3-day personal development programme for creative and social entrepreneurs, that gives participants opportunity to improve the business aspect of their artistic practice. This capacity accelerator provides a minimum toolkit of basic know-how such as artist’s CV and bio, budgeting and invoicing, understanding customer service and an introduction to creative business models.