The S Bend Mural falls under the umbrella of #ArtMyJozi. It provides a truly unique and colourful experience, submersing scholars, public, and tourists in the story of mobility and growth of Johannesburg throughout its development.

The project involves a diverse team of local and international artists with a comprehensive range of skills. The process has been as transparent as possible, and the public has been invited to participate and contribute at almost every phase.

Before we showed the mural design to the public, there was a series of drafts done by our team of artists. Teach draft was revised using suggestions and comments from a group of consultants and stakeholders.

Before the public exhibition, we held a 3 day workshop with the entire artist team. During this time they painted the Tipper Wall at the Orchards Project. This gave them a chance to orientate themselves with the scale, various materials, possible obstacles, and working with each other.

The workshop ended with the artists considering how the feedback from the consultants, and the scale of the actual wall will affect the final outcome of the mural, and the practical techniques needed to achieve this.