A previously hidden waterfall is situated at what was known as Death Bend on Louis Botha Avenue, where the road turns into Orange Grove from Yeoville. It is said that years ago, this waterfall was used to mark boundaries between neighbouring farms, and it is the same waterfall that ushers the river into Paterson Park.

The visuals of the mural explore the natural environment and plant life of the site. It also depicts the changes that the area has gone through over the years, and how it has co-existed with man-made elements, such as trams and the old Bleloch House.

The waterfall marker is an extension of the S Bend Mural, which forms part of #ArtMy-Jozi; a placemaking through art initiative implemented by the Johannesburg Development Agency, who appointed the Trinity Session as curator/coordinator for all placemaking through art along the Transit Orientated Development Corridors.