Noordgesig Library Furniture

Inspired by the design work of local resident McFadden Bharley, we co-produced a series of furniture elements in the form of B-U-L-T-E- the community’s nickname for Noordgesig. The components are made from shutter-ply, vinyl and cushioning and have been treated with colours complimentary to the interior look and feel of the library. The letters include recesses for storage and pull-out seating, and standing letters provide shelving. The installation is situated on the top floor – study area, which is intended to be open to the community 24 hours a day, thus increasing the community’s access to education and quiet space.

Walkism: Jozi Walks

On the 17th of October 2020, The Trinity Session hosted a Jozi Walk in collaboration with Dr Myer Taub, a theatre maker and academic from Orange Grove, and three local artists from the #ArtMyJozi Orange Grove community; Lawrence Mandla Hlatshwayo, Lazarous Mpala, and Phahlo Mtangai. 

The walk was centred around the theme of Walkism, a theory developed by Dr Taub, who chooses to walk around the city of Johannesburg instead of driving. Walkism is an embodiment of Dr Taub’s sincere ideas about walking and the collaboration with other entities invested in place and making. Walkism is not an end point, but a process. 

This was complimented by activations by the local artists. Lazarous Mpala lead the group through a Tai Chi inspired exercise, where we had to slow down our walking and move with grace, to ‘walk like water’ along the Celebration Pond in Paterson Park.

While ‘walking like water’, we overheard the sound of drums in the distance. This led us to a drumming circle at the carved benches.
Lawrence Hlatshwayo asked the walkers to listen to the beat of their heart and then play this beat on a drum, this process built up to a collective rhythm and beat as Hlatshwayo led us through a drumming circle. This beat in turn became the heartbeat of the Rhino, who appeared from behind the bushes nearby.

Phahlo Mtangai, a performer and puppeteer, regaled us with a story about a rhino who wished he could fly, and the birds who wished they could walk. This story was told using a rhino puppet head, and handmade finger puppets of birds. Each walker was given a finger puppet, and they joined in at the end of the story to help the rhino fly.

Walkism also touched on the history of Paterson Park and the greater Orange Grove area, the natural and built environment, and of course the #ArtMyJozi Artworks programme. 

Paterson Park Recreation Centre

We have implemented a huge mural that wraps around all four sides of the recreation centre in the Paterson Park upgrade area. 

While each side has its own story and meaning, the artworks are quite striking when viewed all together. 

More information on each side can be found here


#ArtMyJozi is back on site!

Following the nationwide lockdown, we are happy to report that our artists and suppliers are back on site. We are adhering to strict health and safety guidelines, and we are excited to carry on working on the Paterson Park social cluster upgrade.

In June we started installing an artwork on a section of the perimeter fence. Here you can see the laser-cut steel elements being installed. This artwork is inspired by the Birds of the Grove performance, which was directed by Myer Taub and performed by the #ArtMyOGroveWood artists at The Orchards Project in 2018. The next step is to paint these elements to bring them to life.

Next time you drive past Paterson Park, be sure to check it out!


In preparation for setting up our space at Open Streets (Auckland Park), #ArtMyJozi and Mimosa School hosted a creative workshop with learners in order to develop concepts for a ‘’dream’’ urban functional space prototype. This intervention is partially inspired by visual language, poetry and text produced during #ArtMyJozi workshops with the local Brixton Social Cluster’s surrounding schools/children in 2018. Incorporated into the design will be the beautiful stories and visual narratives produced during the workshop with Mimosa learners on 28 March 2019.

We intend to create a makeshift installation that talks about young people as road users, drawing on the power of the imagination to create innovative urban design with the road user in mind. This intervention is intended to be a kind of ‘’soft social protest’’ – a visual signifier that shouts out: WE MAY BE SMALL BUT WE ARE HERE! LOOK OUT FOR US!

Check out some of the amazing, imaginative and innovative design produced by the Mimosa learners, graphic translation and examples from previous workshops of how this could be translated into makeshift temporary urban furniture.


On Wednesday, 1 May 2019 the Joburg Photo Walkers joined us to check out the S- Bend Wall Mural Project exhibition and used the space and surrounds as a backdrop for a day of toy photography. Arranged by Mark Straw, a passionate documenter of the urban realm, this ‘’tiny’’ activation produced magical results. #ArtMyJozi would like to thank the Joburg Photo Walkers for making it happen!

Photo Credits: @ZivanaiMatangi and @ThusiVukani