In preparation for setting up our space at Open Streets (Auckland Park), #ArtMyJozi and Mimosa School hosted a creative workshop with learners in order to develop concepts for a ‘’dream’’ urban functional space prototype. This intervention is partially inspired by visual language, poetry and text produced during #ArtMyJozi workshops with the local Brixton Social Cluster’s surrounding schools/children in 2018. Incorporated into the design will be the beautiful stories and visual narratives produced during the workshop with Mimosa learners on 28 March 2019.

We intend to create a makeshift installation that talks about young people as road users, drawing on the power of the imagination to create innovative urban design with the road user in mind. This intervention is intended to be a kind of ‘’soft social protest’’ – a visual signifier that shouts out: WE MAY BE SMALL BUT WE ARE HERE! LOOK OUT FOR US!

Check out some of the amazing, imaginative and innovative design produced by the Mimosa learners, graphic translation and examples from previous workshops of how this could be translated into makeshift temporary urban furniture.