The implementation of four artworks against the steel and glass panels will unfold. This is a two-entrance station, which provides an additional two panels for artwork, so two artists artworks will sit side by side. The first artwork to go into implementation against the steel panels was submitted by Mario Soares and represents the hustle and bustle of a constant movement along the Louis Botha Transport Oriented Corridor and the city at large.


On the 9th May 2019, the Rotunda based artists group were reunited! They have joined us to start bringing colour and vibrancy to the beautifully carved totem poles. The artists have made a cracking start, there is a real sense of collective creative energy in the production space. Check out the progress they have made so far!


The carving of 72 gum poles is now complete. Check out a portfolio which shows how three gum poles of various sizes are grouped together to create totem pole ‘’families’’ which will be installed along the Rotunda Linear Park, De Villers Road, Turffontein as part of the upgrade area and placemaking process.


The BULTE Mural updates have begun.  #ArtMyNoordgesig artist Macfadden Bharley has started to put the finishing touches to this prominent mural situated on the corner of Main Road and Colin Drive.

The artists intention is to carry through the geometric and linear markings that make up the core feature of the mural: the communities nickname for their neighbourhood BULTE. Macfadden will also include an interpretation of the map of Noordgesig.

Watch this space for further updates!


Above Forest View Mural (Noordgesig) is reaching completion. The #ArtMyNoordgesig artistic duo Mzi and Lucky have worked hard to create a cohesive visually striking gateway mural. This mural is situated on the corner of Main Street and North Road.

Sitting in-between the Forest View and BULTE murals – this mural completes the suite of three gateway murals. These artwork interventions offers the opportunity to guide residents, visitors and commuters into the neighbourhood –  directing the way to the other outcomes from the place making through art program: #ArtMyJozi.  


ROTUNDA PLACE MAKING THROUGH ART (2019) – started with the implementation of the Rotunda Linear Park surface painting.

On Wednesday we re-engaged the local artistic crew in a meeting which presented the new creative workshop program. This program is aimed at extracting designs for additional totems and surface painting designs for the upgrade area. The artists have had a busy two days – and are well on the way to producing impactful design inspired by their experiences of the linear park and the surrounds.

This is a four-day workshop and we are excited to share the outcomes over the next few days.

Photo Credit: @Zivanai Matangi and @ThusiVukani