This mural is a continuation of the Mama Glover Murals in Noordgesig. Forming part of the visual story paying homage to what she inspired in her community. So even though the mural itself is quite different from the shop next door – when a visitor stands in front of both shops, they will look at this like a complete story or book, with different chapters.

This mural is intended to represent a ‘’heaven’’ or ‘’dreamlike’’ environment – where the artist Lavinia has included symbolic forms and text that describe the legacy of Mama Glover – although these are presented in symbolic iconography there are a multitude of meanings embedded in these. The tree is intended to be like a ‘’family tree’’ of all the networks and contributions Mama Glover was involved in.

This mural is in the process of being implemented by an incredible team of four #ArtMyNoordgesig artists: Thabo, Thulani, Ernest and Lavinia.  

See the progress this amazing team has made to date and what the original artworks by Lavinia look like below.

Photo Credit: @ThusiVukani and Lavinia Jones